The Kinship Story


Hi, my name is Nancy. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and recent breast cancer survivor. You don’t know me, but we will forever be connected through the kinship of cancer. I’ve been right where you are – and now I want to help.

When I was first diagnosed, my husband scoured the Internet looking for items to help with my double mastectomy recovery. We had no idea what to get. We felt lost, surprised there wasn’t a clear answer online, and as a result, even more alone. So he bought me a number of things from a number of sites – pillows, garments, etc. Some worked, some didn’t. The things that worked were invaluable.

After my recovery, a friend was diagnosed. I took the things that had worked for me, put them in a bag, and gave them to her. After she recovered, a friend of a friend was diagnosed, and I passed the bag along to her. Then the colleague of another friend, and so on. After six people had used this same bag, I realized that I had stumbled onto something that could help far more women than this one bag could reach. And I desperately wanted to help.

So, I have assembled all of the essentials you will need for your recovery based on what worked for me and the feedback I’ve received from other women along the way. I have eliminated the guesswork and hopefully eased your burden in some small way.

And one more thing…you won’t find any pink ribbons or “warrior” references here. To each their own, but when I was in your shoes, I did not want to be an advertisement for breast cancer. I just wanted to “Keep It Normal” as much as I possibly could.

All of the items in the bag – and the bag itself – can be reused. You can keep them for yourself, pass them along to someone else in need, donate them to a nonprofit – entirely your choice!

I sincerely want this bag and its contents to help ease your suffering during your recovery. More importantly, I want you to feel the support of all of the other women connected through this kinship of cancer. Please know that their love and good wishes are also inside.

Best of luck to you in your recovery. You got this … It’s in the bag!!

In Kinship,


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